The Transgender Tipping Point

I was so ecsactic when I heard that Laverne Cox would be the first transgender person to grace the cover of TIME Magazine earlier this month.

The second I heard about this, I knew that I absolutely had to have a copy. Custom framed, preferably signed by Laverne Cox, prominently displayed on my wall. I imagine myself still having it in my elder years, explaining to youngins what this represented to me as a young transgender person in 2014.

As Kat Hache put it:
It is validation not only of Laverne Cox’s work, but the work of the entire transgender community.  It is a visible, tangible representation of our existence.
It’s a really, really big deal.

After not stumbling upon a copy by mid-June, a friend and I started really digging around for it. Baffled, we couldn’t find a single copy anywhere. After finally landing ourselves at a Barnes n Noble, an employee explained that their magazine stock was limited due to a major magazine distributor in the east coast shutting down earlier this month.

Ah, so that explained it.

Immediately, I asked my parents to find me a copy in Utah. They also had no luck, but my mom recalled seeing a copy at her dentist’s office.

Low and behold, TIME Magazine is a weekly magazine - not monthly. By the time we'd started looking for it, TIME was on to another issue. Ugh! Embarrassing!

But guess what my mom just texted me a picture of?

My own very copy, straight from the dentist!


  1. Hey there. I would love to discuss top surgery with you as I am also trans, from utah and considering dr agarwal for my surgery! My email is or my tumblr is thanks bud.

    1. Hey Kiahl! My apologies for the delay in responding. I've been in the midst of transitions galore. Grad classes have just begun and I am now sending you an e-mail! :)


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