You won't make a monkey out of me!

After months of whimpering about how unsuitable Tumblr is for blogging, I finally woke up with a snap! yesterday morning and promptly remedied the situation. I've returned to blogger. Hello again, it's very refreshing to be back. Sadly, I lost a lot of really great comments in the move.

In other news, I somehow managed to weasel myself into a really nice college senior situation. I have two classes where, instead of being confined to a room and a lecture, my feral self has been released into the world to complete two missions:

Mission #1: read numerous trans-related research articles, then write a paper about said articles.

Mission #2: write about my research on belief in a just world, anti-transgender prejudice, and the blaming of innocent victims that I just might be able to get published. Or, at least, I'm going to try.

Aside from these two lecture-less situations, I have two lecture-packed class situations: Personality Theories and Social Psychology. I'm also a student instructor in a Quantitative Research Methods class, where the room is filled with a handful of little wild-eyed faces, pale with terror. I'm not sure if it helped, but I relayed to everyone on Day 1 that I did well in Statistics and in Research Methods, and I still use my fingers to count and have a serious math phobia.

So yes, school is plucking along. When I first transferred from the community college to a 4-year institution, I definitely didn't anticipate that the train I had hopped on was barreling across the Everglades so fast that there's absolutely NO chance to stop, even for potty break. Since I started my undergraduate journey I haven't had a summer off. Summer #1? McNair research, then surgery during my two week "break" before classes. Summer #2? McNair research, then working on graduate school stuff during my two week "break". And for Summer #3, coming up in the not-so-near future here? I'll be moving to Bethesda, Maryland to intern for the NIH, and will then work there for a year.

It's definitely strange, but exciting, to have things so... pre-destined. Prior to hopping on this train, I'd never experienced something so solid and planned. It's not a bad thing by any means. Just, foreign. So is the fact that I now have to own a suit, because I have to wear them so often.

Somehow, I'd gotten through the first 27 years of my life not having to even own a button-up, let alone an actual suit. I would actually think to myself, "Why do people own suits? They look hot and stuffy". While I'm still not quite sure what the answer to that question is, I do know that I now need to own at least one. I've been perma-borrowing my brother's suit for, oh, two years now? I most recently had to wear it a couple of weeks ago for a meeting with Congressman Jim Matheson regarding the unfortunate McNair funding crisis, and will have to wear it again next week to a meeting with the Department of Education.

So, uh, my brother won't be seeing this suit again in the near future. Although, fortunate for him, I will finally have enough to actually buy my own suit soon. As a vegan, I've learned that finding a suit that isn't made out of wool can be somewhat challenging. After clicking and digging, and then clicking and digging some more, I found numerous vegan suits.

Check this vegan pimp $hit from Men's Wearhouse out:
I should probably also invest in some random business casual attire for the NIH.
So me.

I hear it's humid out in the east coast. Hmm.


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  2. moving... that is so big. congrats! i'm so excited for you!!!!!!!


    1. It's HUGE - especially for a backwoods, inbred Utahrd who has never lived beyond Utahrdia before, such as myself. :\ Thank you for the congrats and excitement!

  3. Yes, it is humid as hell on the coast. Invest in cotton. Except for in the winter, when polar fleece, as a vegan, will be your best friend. Humid and cold is a whole new kind of hell, my friend. Bundle up.

  4. It is very humid. Invest in cotton, for summer. Invest in polar fleece, for winter. You're going to hate hot and humid, and then you're going to think you've moved to some frozen plane of hell, when it gets COLD and humid.... you'll want to make sure every inch of your body is bundled up!

    But on the brighter side, since you're born and raised at 4,500 feet above sea level, the higher O2 percentage in the air around you at sea level will make you feel like superman.

    1. Hey, I hadn't thought of the higher O2 percentage shindig. It'll make me feel like Superman, eh? Even while I'm cycling in cotton during the summer? ;)

  5. you will def collaspe into a miserable pool of sweat. Maryland humidity is gross

    1. Haha. Thanks, Oliver. I'm even MORE excited now! Wooooo heatexhaustioncollapse!!!!


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