Two rude sons? Wha?

When I went to visit my friend at her work the other day she had this old picture of my younger brother and I up in her cubicle:
On it, she had placed two little speech bubble stickers - one above each of our little faces:
Plopped over my brother's noggin was a speech bubble sticker with the words, "Big head. Big head. Big head. Big head. Big head." written repeatedly. He does compulsively say that to my poor friend an awful lot. And, slapped over my head was a speech bubble sticker with the words, "This photographer would make be good in a human centipede."

Yeah, alright, so I might like that stupid movie a bit.

Or a lot.

Anyway, a co-worker of my friend's entered the room while her and I were looking at this stupid photo with the speech bubbles and he asked, "Who are they?", to which she replied, "Oh, Stan's kids." (my dad), and "... sad, how he used to have such a cute little son and daughter, and is now stuck with two grown asshole sons."

The co-worker looked confused, and the topic changed shortly after.

I love this sort of thing a lot more than I probably should.

In other news, I got a lot done on my senior project paper regarding Belief in a Just World, transphobia, and the blaming of innocent victims today! One day soon, my first research project paper will be complete.


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