PART 1: Double Incision Mastectomy with Nipple Grafts by Dr. Cori Agarwal Surgery Photos (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)

Earlier today I learned that Dr. Cori Agarwal’s medical secretary would come in to take photographs during my 3 hour surgery on August 11, 2011.

As a warning, these photos are extremely graphic, but also incredibly informative and educational. This is why I’m displaying them after the “read more” button below instead of as a photo gallery.

Extremely Graphic:


  1. Dr. Cori Argawal preformed my tummy tuck. She is a true artist, I chose her not only for her experience and skills, but her understanding and compassion. She really is took notch.

    1. Oh really? She really, really is. My experiences have been entirely positive with her.


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