Grandpa Evilbunny & the E.R. Vet

I noticed that something was definitely wrong with my elderly kitty, Evilbunny, last night. When I tried to pet him near his lower back or pick him up, he'd cry, clearly in pain.

Then, today, when I got home from school, he was worse. He had become more sensitive to touch and was having difficulty walking. I had no idea what was wrong, but I was really worried that he was experiencing something that his younger brother had about 12 years ago - a sudden, paralyzing blood clot.

It was 6pm by the time I got home so my mom, brother, and I took him to a nearby after-hours emergency vet. The vet confirmed that Evil definitely had severe pain, and concluded that it wasn't a scary blood clot situation (even though Evil does have a heart murmur and is at high risk), but severe arthritis. The x-rays confirmed his suspicions.

We left with a prescription for kitty morphine and some other medicines.
The second we got home I gave him all of his medicine, and then tore my room apart trying to make it as arthritis-friendly as possible. Especially my bed, where cuddle time occurs! Which is, well, now just a mattress on the floor. Evil approves, as demonstrated in the above photo.

I'm also going to plug in his heated cozy cabin and get a litter box that's easier for him to climb into. I definitely need to do some Googly research on how to make his life as comfortable as possible. Poor Buns.


  1. Hey, sorry to hear about Evilbunny's arthritis. No doubt that she is well-loved and taken care of :))). My cat passed last year after 18.5 years. It ain't easy. And btw this is Natalie from Canada.
    How did the name Evilbunny happen? My cat's name was I named her...

    1. Hey, I can't comment on your blog! What the frak! I do not approve! ;P

  2. 18.5 years ='s crazy spoiled cat. Really, no one gets out of here alive. I figure, the *best* way to go is of old age, surrounded by lovins. With Evil, I just want to do my best to make sure he isn't suffering. Which, is so hard to tell in cats some times. They're so good at hiding it.

    Anyway, his name came about when I was younger, actually. I was around 11 or 12, and when he was a tiny kitten, for some reason I thought he looked like a baby bunny. So, I named him "Bunny." Witty, I know. But, from the get-go, he was born a grumpy bastard. At some point, I called him an "Evil bunny.", and it became his name.

    What's the story behind Pokey? Do I want to know? ;P

  3. lol okay commenting is enabled. I am new to the blogging thing, and I'm hypercritical of what I write/post. Writing about my drama makes me feel narcissistic. Thank you for the encouragement :). I'm nervous to know what anyone thinks of my blog hence why I disabled comments.

    I love the naming-of-Evilbunny-story. I was 10 when I named Pokey. I have no idea what inspired the name. I only realized the possible allusion when I was a teen and had a friend who had a dog named "Woody" lol. I also have a dog named Buttons (nipple reference?). I dunno.

    You are sooo right about Pokey being spoiled. But I wouldn't have had it any other way. I'm quite impressed with this heated bed you bought for your (very cute) kitty. I don't think you could do anything more than you currently are to make sure he's comfortable and happy ;)))

    1. I think the exact.same.thing about blogging, but it isn't fair or rational. I'm actually an extremely introverted person, so the whole blogging shindig does not come naturally. And, because of that, it does feel "narcissistic". But, in reality, this is one of the greatest things about the Internet. Not relying on monolithic communities and having the ability to access all types of people, ideas, and diversity.

      And, I figure, there's a lot of power of written language. Just one person can write a book with their ideas, or story, and I don't think that's narcissistic - what's different about an interactive, dynamic, easily accessible blog? ;)

      Anyway, I, for one, am enjoying your blog a great deal. I'll try not to comment too much. ;P

      Woody and Pokey eh? This makes sense.

      Regarding the heated bed, that little evil twerp won't use it. He prefers a piece of torn cardboard box I've left on the floor specifically due to how much he loves it. Oy vey.

    2. Thanks for the kind words.:) The fourth sentence in your above quote is SO powerful. I absolutely agree. I do enjoy reading blogs quite a bit. I like how you keep it real and own it. It makes me question why I am so overly-concerned with what others think of me, but I don't have the answer to this loaded question just yet.

      The heated bed story reminds me of the time I bought my cat one of those cat drinking fountains. She was completely petrified of it so I took it back. The cardboard box thing is cute. One of my cat's fave sleeping places used to be my mesh sweater dryer a.k.a. "cat hammock".

      What was your main reason for starting a blog? Has this process helped you to grow? Just curious about your experiences/insights :).

    3. I started a blog the month that I started hormone therapy. During my process of acknowledging and owning my trannyhood, I had come across some blogs and resources, but none that relayed an experience that I could really relate to. And, I am a huge advocate of the power of visibility and openness in combating ignorance, fear, and discrimination. So, I started this blog. To share my experience, in hopes that there might be others out there who would relate to it and who it might help - but also for potential cisgender allies, who have one more little trans* feller in the world to interact with. It's like, a little grain of sand on the beach of Interweb diversity. It adds up. ;)

      With growth, it's helped me tremendously as an introvert. I had an extremely difficult time even sharing intimate details of myself with close friends in face-to-face interactions. Having a public blog, for me, has been a really great way to shatter my introvert comfort zone, and has given me the ability to be much more open about self-disclosure in other realms. Not public speaking, but... that's another story.

  4. Oops, the response to part one of my question is in your "about" section.

  5. hey dex! i'm sorry to hear about Evilbunny's arthritis. :-( one of my kitties is also having some trouble with her hips. i hope the meds and heating pad are helping. i'm sending him warm, fuzzy, healing thoughts from israel.

    1. Thank you!!! What have you been doing for your kitty? I'm still trying to figure out how to help make him more comfortable.

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