One Year Top Surgery Anniversary!

This month marks the ONE YEAR TRANNIVERSARY of my top surgery. The top surgery that, not too long ago, I believed was some far off, distant fantasy that I could never realistically attain. But, through years of patience, perseverance, and the support of the world’s most adorable friends and family, it actually happened. And my life has never been so swell.

I’ve enjoyed my very first summer of not getting rashes under hot, itchy binders. I’ve enjoyed my very first summer wearing tank tops and sun bathing topless. I’ve experienced going into a locker room where I feel safe and can just, change my clothes. I’ve bicycled with a sweat-soaked spandex jersey unzipped down to my navel. I shared a dorm room on campus with three cisgender dudes, without fear. And, most importantly, I’ve looked at myself topless for the first time in 26 years without feeling the dreaded and painful sensation of a physiological disconnect. My brain and body just… connect. I’ve spent an entire year now just, feeling whole.

And it’s so indescribably great. I’ve calmed down a bit with showing every victim possible my hairy, pimply chest. But, honestly, it’s so hard to resist.


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