Anonymous asked: I would like some advice if you wouldn't mind. I like this guy who I found out is FTM. I've never dated a trans male, and was wondering how to go about telling him I have this attraction? (I've never approached anyone, but I like him quite a bit) Also, what kind of girl would you say is your "type"/ do you have any current interests?
Honestly, I would just advise you to tell him in the same way that you would tell anyone. He’s someone in the world who you like, so go for it! End of story! :)

As for myself and my own interests, I have a hard time communicating about my “type”. I believe that human attraction is way more complex than we understand presently, so I try to limit my response to, “Whoever I’m attracted to.” - even though there have been some consistent themes (e.g. being female, femininity, compassion, etc.). I try to be careful about identifying a “type” because, as fruity as it sounds, there are a whole slew of amazing, beautiful individuals in the world who I haven’t even had the opportunity to meet yet, let alone feel attraction towards!

I hope this helps!


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