Anonymous asked: Hey Dexter, I'm new to exploring my trans identity (just got my first binder in the mail on friday and have barely taken it off!) and am wondering how to talk to this with romantic partners? like what we can do so things aren't triggering? i'm more of a hippy/long-haired type of guy and most of the women i date id as lesbian so i'm not sure when and how to bring it up b/c i don't think any of them will see it coming. Thank you!
Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. I have been slammed with research madness, and my poor blog has suffered the negligent aftermath. In response to your questions, I’m not quite sure how to respond because this has so much to do with individuals and their unique situations.

For myself, I have chosen to express myself openly and freely, because being transgender is a proud component of my identity and experience. Through this approach, I either presume that potential romantic partners are aware and, if not, it inevitably comes up in casual conversations as we’re getting to know one another. It hasn’t happened, but, if someone were to have an extremely negative, transphobic reaction, then a.) I’d be really surprised and would feel kinda sorry for them living like that and b.) would move on to greener, brighter, more compassionate and open-minded pastures. ;)

But, that’s my approach. Of course, there are a gazillon different experiences and approaches and situations, so do whatever feels good for you. I dug around in Google land a bit for you, and found this that might also help:

How to Come Out to Partners: Transgender and Non-Binary People >


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