My Summer Vacation

Between preparing for the GRE (standardized test for graduate school admission), doing my summer research project, taking classes, getting my graduate school application materials ready, and so on and so forth 24-consta-7, my poor blog has endured a great deal of neglect. Just fyi, this isn’t a state of perma-neglect. My blog is still alive and thriving and wondrous - just, fasting. On occasion. To detox!

My summer research, by the way, was super rad. I’m just gonna say it. It was. I got IRB approval and recruited almost 400 people from all over the United States and have just begun to go over the results. And, low and behold, although preliminary, I’m discovering some really, reallly interesting stuff. And I have the awesome opportunity to continue this project into my senior year.

My summer vacation thus far consists of waking up every morning at 7:30am I go to coffee with my pOps, where we go over GRE math stuff. It’s been almost 13 years since I’ve had to dabble in math anything, aside from that one time I took Statistics two semesters ago.

When it comes to all the circles and triangles and shapes Geometry this n’ that? I recall taking Geometry in high school. I also recall that we were never actually taught Geometry. Instead, we spent every class period watching the teacher dance and challenge us to come up with variations of his name. His name was Mac. So, for an hour, we’d come up with variations like, “Mac Daddy”, “Mr.Mac”, “Mac Attack”, “Maclicious”, “Maccy Mac”, and so on. All whilst hanging condoms in the plants that lined the back wall of the room.

So, yeah - bit of a Geometry learning curve here. I’ve been using Khan Academy videos and practice problems to nail those down so they stop slipping me up along the way. Oh, Khan Academy. It’s so magical.

In other school-related boring-to-the-world-but-exciting-to-me news, I’ve been selected as a finalist for the NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program. The phone interview is this Thursday, and I’m all kinds of giddy and nervous. It’s a really awesome scholarship and opportunity for “students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are committed to careers in biomedical, behavioral, and social science health-related research” that awards scholarship support and paid employment and training at the NIH after graduating.

So.excited. Ohmygawd. ~FIN~


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