Pride Weekend 2012!

Guess who got to see Yara Sofia over pride weekend? THIS GUY.
For those who live in the tragic drag-less dark, Yara Sofia won the Miss Congeniality award on season three of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She was, by far, my favorite - due to being all super sweet, mega-talented, and overall adorable.

Anyway, I blame school - but, I had no idea that she was coming to Salt Lake City until Saturday night. Prior to this knowledge, I had resolved to learn from experience and save up my finite supply of elder energy for the Sunday morning Pride Parade and festivities. In years past, pride weekend has always been a blur of gaggle o’ faggle sleep deprivation that I end up paying for all day Monday. That was the plan - until Aaron texted me: “Yara Sofia will be at Metro tonight.” Well, he actually texted “Sofia Yara” - but, close enough. I got the gist.

One part of me thought of the exhaustion, the overwhelming crowds of loud, drunken hot messes. But, the other part of me thought, “Yara Sofia.” And thus, it was settled. Off we went to the Metro, with me as the designated DD.

I had so much fun. First, I met an individual there who I had gone to elementary, junior high, and high school with. To my surprise, he had a Return of the Living Dead (ROTLD) tattoo sleeve. ROTLD is, by far, the best zombie film ever fathomed! And 80s horror, in general, is my achilles’ heel. And on the other arm? Elvira. I generally don’t get excited about tattoos, but this one sparked oodles of 80s horror chitter chatter.

When Yara Sofia appeared on stage I had somehow managed to land a sweet, sweet spot right up front. Where it then dawned on me that given the weakness of old, I’d forgotten my camera. Aaron got some good pictures and video from directly behind me, though. Swooooon:
And here I am, up front, all immersed in her presence. Wow. One friend referred to my expression as the, “epitome of a slack-jawed yokel”. I really can’t argue.

Oh, and here’s a cute one of Gina and I are the Miss City Weekly pageant that kicked off pride weekend. I’m sure that she’s a real big fan of this photo, too!


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