Grandparent Super Cuteness x’s 381

My grandparents are beyond elderly adorable. For my birthday, they decided to spoil me with a new laptop for school. Which is really exciting in and of itself - but, that isn’t the “super cute” part.

The card they gave me with it =’s super cuteness x’s 381:

Notice something?


My first ever grandson card from my GRANDPARENTS. My grandparents who both grew up in one of the most conservative states in the nation - Utah.

My grandparents were both born in the 1930s (1930 and 1934 to be exact) during the Great Depression. This was decades before the civil rights movement or Stonewall. My grandma grew up on a farm in rural Utah and went to BYU (Brigham Young University). My grandpa grew up in downtown Salt Lake City at a time when one of the most popular restaurants in town was Coon Chicken Inn (seriously).

In spite of this, they have never been racist or homophobic. My grandma even hosted a liberal anti-war, pro-civil rights talk radio program in Salt Lake City way back the 1960s - 1970s.

And here they are, 80+ years later giving their transgender grandqueer a “grandson” card. It’s above and beyond cute.


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