Anonymous asked: I'm trying to help out a friend who feels they do not identify with either gender. He prefers using masculine pronouns, but doesn't identify with either gender. People don't seem to understand that my husband and I want to get him out of a horrible family situation by providing a place for him to live with us. Most people don't know about his gender dysphoria and he is physically female. What can I do to help people understand this situation?
This is a really, really difficult question to answer. But, most importantly, it’s so important that you and your husband are there as allies standing up for him. I can safely presume that your friend may be experiencing a great deal of isolation, given how challenging it can be to find information that’s inclusive of trans*/non-binary/genderqueer identities, and also given his family situation. Having friends who are clearly there for him, to fight on his behalf and to provide support and acceptance are absolutely CRUCIAL. That’s a #1 most-important-thing-ever across the board.

There are also a few issues here - one being the lack of information focused on trans*/non-binary/genderqueer identities; the other being his family situation. I’m not sure how old he is, what can be done legally, or what he wants - but, I think that the best that I can do is to point you to an article that a Sebastian wrote in response to a very similar question. I hope that this helps, and I’m very glad that he has you and your husband fighting for him!

My Family is Being Vile About My Cousin Being Trans. What Can I Do?


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