Anonymous asked: Hey man, I have a consultation with Dr. Agarwal on friday the 18th of may and I was wondering if you know if I'm going to need anythig special? Like... a letter from my endo, or a letter from my therapist? And also did you enjoy your time in her office? How was the atmosphere? I appriciate any kind of advice or help or anything. Thanks. _-T
I don’t believe that you need anything special for the consultation itself. She’ll let you know what information she requires before the surgery itself, which, if I remember correctly, does include a letter from your therapist and/or doctor.

My experience with Dr. Agarwal and her staff was extremely positive. I felt 100% comfortable and respected by her, and she does a great deal to educate her staff so they’re also trans-aware/friendly.

So yes, positive.positive.positive and I am very excited for you. I’m sure she’ll let you know the details during the consultation!


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