Anonymous asked: Hello there I have question that's kinda nosy but around what age did you start 'T'? and does it cost a lot of money? because I'm turning twenty today and still pre-everything (not by choice) and I feel like I'm lagging, like I should already be on it....
I started hormone therapy on December 11, 2008 - when I was 26 years old. Initially, while I was insured, it actually did cost me a lot of money - about $60 a month. I didn’t realize at the time that my insurance literally stated that it would not cover anything subjectively determined to be “trans-related”. But also, I had been going to a pharmacy located at a nearby grocery store. After asking around in the community, I discovered another local pharmacy that sold the same amount for $10/month. And when I lost insurance, since it didn’t cover my hormone therapy anyway, I’ve continued to spend about $10/month for it. Not bad!

In regards to this “lagging” nonsense, there isn’t any set window for when people should begin hormone therapy - or even if you should, ever. In my case, even though I’ve known that I’m trans* since adolescence, I also knew that hormone therapy is a very radical measure that involves a lot of life-altering health risks. In my case, I wanted to exhaust all other possibilities before resorting to hormone therapy. I wanted to be absolutely sure that it was something that I had to do in order to fuse the physiologically disconnect between my mind and body. And, by 26, I knew, beyond a doubt, that it was.

So, you’re fine. ;)


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