Space Cadet Overload

The fact that finals are looming has turned me into a space cadet. Literally.

Yesterday morning I go to coffee with my pops per usual. Since I have a class that starts at 10am and knew we had a discussion planned, I made sure to get caught up on the class reading. Like the creeper that I am, I got to class 15 minutes early, set up shop, got cozy, and started to work on a paper for another class.

It struck me as odd that by 9:55am I was the only student in the room. By 10am, same story. I gave it until 10:20 and still, no professor. No other students. Had I missed a memo? Had class been canceled? I was positive we had this reading and discussion planned. I checked my voicemail, the online class calendar, e-mail, everything. Maybe I’d spaced off during class when the professor clearly announced that class was canceled? I thought I’d been paying attention… but, confused, I packed up and wandered off. Since this was my only class of the day, I headed home. Made lunch.

Then, around 11:55pm, chowing down and miles away from campus, it struck me. “Hey, class starts at 10am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today’s class starts at noon!”


So yeah, missed that. Seriously, though. My noggin is getting all kinds of bewildered and cross-wired. But hey, maybe the overload’ll stave off alzheimers..? Or result in PTSD. One or the other.

In other news, I just set up a Facebook page for Aaron's awesome Sexy F2M Calendar fundraising project for his top surgery. Please help promote it!


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