The Outlier

My apologies in advance for what will probably be my most boring blog post yet - but, ya know, it happens. It’s only bound to get worse.

Anyway, whenever we do in-class surveys in my Statistics class I’m always the “outlier” (illustrated in picture over this way —>). Every time for whatever reason I’m surprised; probably because I live in an oblivious bubble on planet trans zot. More on that later.

We received the following three survey questions:
  1. What is your college GPA?
  2. What was your high school GPA?
  3. What is your gender?
The moral? To compare the differences. In the land of highschool, I received all D's and F's and ultimately dropped out, so I answered “1.0”. But in college, I'm doing well.

(sidenote: I actually just learned that I’m in the upper 10% a few weeks ago when I was initiated into a national honors society called Alpha Chi. My impressions of college “initiations” prior included something like spanking or drunken branding - but I only had to dress fancy, recite a pledge, and hold a candle. I didn’t blog about this when it happened because it’s all fresh and bizarre and I’m adjusting to college and recognition stuff and wearing suits and whatnot.)

Anyway, my answer was so polar opposite from the rest of the class that the professor literally removed it to run statistics again. The frak. I’m posting a picture not to gloat, but to visually illustrate what I’m referring to here:

See? And this has happened on every.single class survey.

In regards to the gender question, earlier in the semester I went my own way and ignored the male/female (0,1) binary shindig and added a third gender category (2). But, alas, it took more time and as I’ve become lazier and more broken nearing the end of this semester, I swallowed what’s left of my pride and just went with “male”.

But on an adorable note, the professor recalled that gender rebel antic and apologized to the class in advance for not adding the third gender category. Oh, and I did super good on our last exam. Oh, and the semester is almost over. And I can’t wait to hole up for three days playing video games and festering in my own isolated recovery rot.


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