No Shave November

Uh, something unprecedented and exciting has occurred in the land of my facial hair. I’m not sure when exactly it happened, but it did - last month I had developed what I’d argue passed as fo’ real real facial hair. It got to the point where, as I posted about prior, I could shampoo it, condition it, comb it, and trim it. Life was good. And then Halloween happened - where I had to shave it for my costume. Life was sad. But fun.

This is where the unprecedented and exciting took place:

After shaving, I looked noticeably different. My baby bare face was actually jarring to me. Now, this is unprecedented and exciting because this is the first time I’ve ever a.) grown facial hair and b.) shaved it and actually looked different because what I shaved was actually noticeable.

It’s taken me two days now to adjust to my baby bare faced self and I’m growing it back I suspect that I’m going to turn into my dad who went 20+ years without shaving until doing so and horrifying everyone about a month ago. Which was also exciting and unprecedented seeing as that was the first time I’d experienced having more facial hair than my dad. Or brother. Boo-ya.

Even better - when I went back to school Monday with nothing but sparse stubble my peers were also jarred. Which, again, reaffirms how fo’ real real my facial hair had become! I received comments like, “You look so much younger!!!”, or, “Where’d your facial hair go???”, or, “All you preparing for No Shave November or what?”.

Which then made me wonder: wtf is “No Shave November” and why is this the first I’ve heard of it? Not only have I been asked about it relentlessly, but it also keeps popping up on Facebook. For example, one student peer’s status read yesterday:

Dear male friends,

I hope you decide to take part in No Shave November. Facial hair deserves its freedom as well.

Huh. Is it some thang that started because it’s getting cold in November? I mean, I’m inadvertently participating in this bizarre shindig because I shaved for Halloween and it’s cold. And I’m excited for my first year of winter bicycling with facial hair. If I’m lucky, I’ll get me some grody ice beard:
Anyway, according to Urban Dictionary, No Shave November is some “masculinity” celebration:
The month of November in which you don’t shave any hair of your body but instead you grow more bestial, brutish, and manly.

The months of December, January, February, and so on follow and may also be included in this celebration of masculinity.

December = (“Don’t Shave December”)
January = (“Just Don’t Shave January”)
February = (“Forget to Shave February”)
March = (“Masculine March”)
April = (“Atrocious April”)
May = (“Manly May”)
Uh, alright. Off I go to become more “bestial, brutish, and manly” with my warm fuzzy scented-with-lovely-conditioner pube face, then?


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