Cuddly Face Muff

When I started this transition shindig I absolutely couldn’t wait for the day I’d develop stubble and, possibly, facial here (based on my unique genetics!). But when it finally started to happen, I was disturbed by how brittle and wiry it was in comparison to hair elsewhere. I expected it to be coarse - but it was so… dry and unmanageable. Especially on my chin.

With my brother and father as facial hair role models, neither of which really do much in the self-maintenance department, I had resolved that my fate rested in either the land of coarse torture brittle.

I had no idea that a solution to this predicament existed - but it does. And it goes by the name of beard oil and/or conditioner. And little beard combs!

Once I made said discovery I’ve been letting these face whiskers grow! Every morning and night I rub some of this Bluebeards in:
- and then use a li’l Kent beard comb. It’s kinda the most adorable thing ever:
Afterwards, any little stray whiskers are cut with scissors.

This system is so good.


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