Post-Surgery Student Land

Student land and selfish post-surgery running aboot celebration have connived to prevent me from blogging as I should! I will also upload pictures of my epic healing nipples at some point in the near future here. They are currently pink and scabbed, with my right one healing faster than the left. Why? I dunno. But, they’re both pink, alive, and resting upon muscle instead of boob.

Today was the first day I’ve bicycled to school since my surgery on August 11th. I technically could have bicycled after I was given the go exercise! green flag by my surgeon, Cori Agarwal, last Friday (the 9th) - but I’ve been sick. Apparently recovering from surgery, math phobia stress, and going back to a college campus germ cesspool are a perfect combo for such things. So for about two weeks now I’ve been congested, coughing, tired, and slowly getting better. Wah.

Even though I could barely breathe peddling along this morning and coughed galore, it was absolutely amazing. It was the most liberating feeling to just throw on a shirt, hop on my bicycle, and peddle. I could feel the wind blowing down the collar of my shirt and on to my chest. I had absolutely no acid reflux (caused by binding), no heat exhaustion… just pure, comfortable, anxiety-free peddling.

I can’t resist lounging around topless or occasionally showing off to friends. Earlier today, for example, I even enthusiastically allowed my blind and deaf friend to “see” my chest by running her finger along the incision line and along my crusty scabby healing nipple. I’m sure she loved that part.


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