Surprise Anaesthesia Bill

Just a couple of days ago, I received a $900 bill from the U of U hospital for the anaesthesia required during my surgery. My first payment of $89 would be due on the first of September.

Admittedly, I was surprised to receive a huge bill after just paying almost $5,500 out of pocket. But I wasn’t upset. I think, pre-surgery, I might have been. Post-surgery? I’m way too floaty high up in super ecstatic land to be negatively affected. My affirmations kicked in with, “Eh, I guess I’ll figure out how to start making payments. It’s probably a blooper of some sort anyway.”

So I brought it up to Haley, Dr. Agarwal’s medical secretary. When I checked my e-mail a minute ago, she’d responded telling me to ignore it and that the anaesthesia bills for self pay patients are supposed to be sent to Dr. Agarwal’s office.



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