Surgery Went Well!

The surgery went perfectly and I’m now in a compression vest loaded up on Hydrocodone, Cephalexin, and Promethazine being babied by my parents, basking in episodes of Ugly Betty while kicking back in a super pimp comfy recliner chair (best hand-me-down gift ever), trying to prevent the kitten from running across my chest again to get to her grandma (my mom), and guzzling down Coconut Juice through a straw.

And, most likely, won’t remember having posted this in approximately 10 minutes from now.

Yay!!!! I’ll post pictures and more details soon, but essentially, this is the BEST DAY EVER. It has really happened, at long last. This is real.

So real it’s unreal.

Even if I vomit, I’ll be thinking, “I’m vomiting because I HAD JUST TOP SURGERY! YAY!” Which, seriously, out of the million + 1 reasons someone may vomit, is #1.


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