Recovery Progress!

At the rate at which I’ve been spoiled throughout this recovery… I’m tempted to come up with excuses for a major surgery every week (not really). Whenever I sit on the recliner chair I obnoxiously whimper: “help. help. help. help.” and my sweet mom will come lift the foot rest for me. Which I quite literally can’t do on my own - but still, she does this for me about a hundred times a day and night. And then places a soft blanket on me. I’m above and beyond lucky to have my parents and kitties and pup here for me.

The other night I woke up around 4 am, as my mom seemingly slumbered in the recliner chair next to mine (which she's doing just to be here for me). I didn’t want to wake her, so I did my best to slowly lean forward and to quietly lower the foot rest (I can lower it, just can’t pull it up). As I stood in the darkness I suddenly heard: “What’re you doing? Where’re you going? What do you need?”

There’s no escaping the radar of a mother, that’s for sure. It’s like I’m post-op James Caan in a really distorted, lovey version of Misery.

My dad got me soy pudding and yogurt, gummy bunnies, split pea soup (for the much-needed pain-killer fighting fiber!), and minestrone soup. I also have seasons 3, 4, and 5 of Dexter, kitty cuddles, video games… this is just, messed up. My parents are pretty much the best care takers ever.

And, again, this recliner chair is awesome. I’ve literally spent pretty much every hour of every day in it since surgery - even to sleep in at night (which is comfortable and also keeps me on my back). It’s so blissful I want to figure out some kind of rent-a-recliner trans recovery suite situation. Oh - and, our family pup, Gany, has been super concerned about my condition and has spent 80% of his time sleeping next to my recliner.

Some grody details - on Thursday night the liquid in my drains was dark red and by Saturday it had become a lighter red. Sunday (yesterday) it looked like apple cider and today it’s a really light red again. My dad has been draining my bulbs at 5pm every day and even went so far as to sniff the fluid yesterday to see if it seemed infected, which it didn’t. He has also been documenting the amount of fluid per drain every day:

I also haven’t showered since Thursday morning.

On another note, I had initially planned, stupidly, to return to work today - which would’ve been impossible. I went out last night for the first time since my surgery with my dad to the grocery store and just walking around the market for 20 minutes had me exhausted.

But, with each new day I require less pain medication and just keep feeling better and more comfortable. My drains and bandages are scheduled to be removed this Wednesday and, after that, I just need to be careful to not twist my torso or reach my arms above my head… dopey crap like that.

p.s. fiber finally conquered pain killer today.

p.s.s. and the support I’ve received from friends has been just, astounding and overwhelming. Thank you everyone. xoxo. :)


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