Getting a LOT of rest today. I’m loaded up on nausea/vomiting and pain pills currently (plus an antibiotic and Zantac for heart burn), Vitamin C, and lots of Coconut Juice n’ Chick’n Noodle Soup. I had no idea that I would be this immobile. Even trying to open a can or unplug something hurts. Fortunate for me, my mom is the best care-taker ever and has been going above and beyond to keep me comfortable. And we’ve been watching “comfort horror” movies together that we used to watch when I was little - starting with Lost Boys. Woot!

The best thing ever for comfort, by the way, is this recliner chair. It’s so comfortable and ideal for recovery. I even slept in it last night. Oh, and my mom slept in the recliner chair next to me last night and reassured me that it was okay to wake her up if I needed anything. Which I did, at 2am - to use the restroom and take more pain and nausea medication.

I’ll have my compression vest on until next Wednesday, the 17th. This is also the day that I’ll get these blood-filled bulbs removed.

Essentially, everything is exhausting to me today. Even trying to write this blog entry. So, since my body demands more rest — more rest it will get!


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