Photo Surprise!

My father just spontaneously transferred some photos from a USB stick of his on to my netbook. Photos from Thursday and Friday - none of which I remember. Well, except for this first one.

This one I remember. Pre-Op, in the waiting room with my parents. Getting poked with my first intravenous drip ever was the scariest part. The first attempt in my hand didn’t work out, due to some valve don’t-wanna situation going on. Fortunately, Nurse Arlene was super distracting and comforting as she poked me in my left arm instead.

I do not remember this one. At all. First Post-op Picture EVER! Where’d ma boobies go??? My earliest memory was of Nurse Arlene (above) giving me a popcicle. And of almost vomiting on the car ride home after I’d pleaded for my father to pull over for coffee.

The next day at home. Or that night. Not sure. Also don’t remember this one - but Gany is super concerned. “Wazzup with Uncle Dexter? Will he empty those drains into my food bowl if I sit here like a good boy?

Also don’t remember this one - but at least I’m standing. No blood clots for me!

There are my medications, soup, water cup with a straw… essentially, this is how I’ve been living ever since. Bliss!


  1. That is how you were living thanks to nurse mom!


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