Packing !

Packing to travel has always been easy for me. A few rolled up t-shirts, a pair of pants or two, underroos, socks, deodorant, toothpaste, yada yada… done and done. Small enough to carry-on and off I go, yonder to wherever. But this time, for an academic conference? No horror t-shirts and basketball shorts all mushed up into a backpack. Instead, I actually went out and got a luggage situation and packed it with button ups, ties, slacks, shorts, one t-shirt, and a fo’ real real suit. I followed this guy’s barely audible instructions on Youtube for How to Pack a Suit.

And, another difference — for the first time I’m travelling with my vial of Testosterone Cypionate and syringes. I have a little plastic container that Aaron lent me to pack the syringes in. I’ve tried reading around and, apparently, I can bring my syringes and testosterone in carry-on with me? I also asked about it in a local trans-masculine social group on Facebook and received comforting feedback that other guys had travelled with no problem. Aaron additionally advised me that if I’m selected for a full pat down, to request a private room since, most likely, male security will pat me down and would be surprised to discover a little too much padding going on in the chest area. Gaaahhh surgery… so…. close… (speaking of surgery, my preparation packet from the surgeon’s office should be arriving any moment now!) Anyway, I’m currently conflicted between whether I should pack my syringes with their prescription in my luggage and keep my vial (and prescription) with me in carry-on — or keep them all together. Now that I’m typing this “out loud”, I think I might opt to keep them together since that will make it obvious that the syringes are for an injectable medication. Then, I’ll keep them in a separate, smaller bag and request a visual inspection… see how it goes?

ALSO important to mention — this will be the first time I’ve travelled as “Dexter”. As Mr. Dexter with fancy shiny shoes, luggage, and a suit, to boot!

Even worse, the McNair Scholars Program has even taught this trailer park feral how to eat in formal situations via their “Dining Etiquette” workshop. Whoa. A fork isn’t for poking and cutting? Now the presence of a knife makes sense! Who’dathunk!

On an exciting note, I have been e-mail corresponding with a trans professor in San Francisco who sent me a 35 page article she and her graduate students recently wrote that I can read on the airplane. She invited me to come meet with her while I’m in Cali so that we can talk “about research” and “being trans in academia”. Awesome!


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