Back 2 School

Had my first and second day of classes Wednesday and Thursday! The lessons I’ve learned so far?
  1. It’s hard to carry books less than 2 weeks after surgery.
  2. Sweating in a compression vest is itchier than in a binder.
  3. Nipple grafts freak me out. Today I see my surgeon and find out if my tissue is livin’ or dyin’! Yay!
  4. Statistics = intimidating.
I also endured a lot of hugs. But fortunately, most everyone who wants to hug me also reads my blog - and know to do so side ways, gently, and semi-awkwardly.

I foresee this being a good semester.

In other news, not riding a bicycle SLAYS ME. I feel like a chubby little lump on a recliner chair. Which I am, but seriously… I absolutely can not wait to peddle furiously in sweaty booblessness celebration!


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