Top Surgery PAID

I tried to make a little webcam vlog shindig via my blatantly super enthusiastic voice — but, alas, something went amiss and the audio isn’t being captured. wonk wonk.

Which means — I’ll blog it! … for now. I want to make a giddy vlog about this, too, damnit. In the meantime…

I just made my final payment for surgery.

It is now paid for and the way swell “receptionist” (<—?), is mailing out my how-to-prepare-for-surgery-and-what-to-expect packet today.

This is entirely surreal. To actually have it paid for and to know, for sure, this is happening. I can’t thank everyone enough who has donated, helped with my fund-raiser, and supported me throughout all of this. If I could cry (I haven’t once since transitioning - wtf!), I would. ;)


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