Hilariously shitty horror movies, mooching, and being broke

Life as an uninsured trans college student saving up for an expensive surgery is about three things: Hilariously shitty horror movies, mooching, and being broke.

Since I have been handing every other penny over to make sure the remainder of my surgery is paid for - and eating out requires access to grown-up money or mooching - I spend a lot of time at home watching shitty horror movies with my mother.

Tonight we watched a British horror comedy which started with a bunch of divorced blokes and then quickly progressed into familiar territory: violent, bloody mayhem. This time? In a little village inhabited solely by zombie women.

(Blimey roger! This slapper is mental! Let's scarper!)
Even though I get the dry, sardonic wit thing, British humor escapes me for the most part. For example, what is rumpy pumpy? I just, don't get it. Still, gore + mom + staying in ='s great saving ^ strategy.

This is, of course, another I'm excited about my upcoming surgery on August 11th post. BUT, I mixed it up here by trying to disguise it as a partial horror movie review/mother bonding story. I'm trying.
So close, peeps. So close. 


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