Farmers Market, Super Babe, n’ Harvey Katz

Impulse buy for my mother from my excursion to Farmers Market yesterday:

This was my first chance to go to the Farmers Market this summer and it was a lot of fun. And I just couldn’t resist splurging on this little guy who had mother written all over him. He is now known as Sammy.

Yesterday I got to peruse the market with my friend, Rachael, who beelined to every jewelry shack on the block - which was, literally, probably every 2nd or 3rd vendor cart. In years past I’d had absolutely no idea there were so many jewelry vendors. I was aghast. The closest I’d ever get to noticing jewelry otherwise is if someone had stuck Sammy (above) on a necklace.

Which, by the way, would be an incredible necklace.

Ooo, tonight, Athens Boys Choir (i.e. trans dude named Katz) is touring through Salt Lake City again! I’m excited and shall blog about it after.

In other news, guess who has surgery next month, AUGUST 11TH??? I’m so excited it pains me.


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