30 Days to a Better Man Day 6: Update Your Resume

Onwards to my delayed Day 6 of this ridiculous 30 day task that my friend, Aaron, duped me into joining him on. Speaking of Aaron - yesterday him and I went out to Provo (just to give you an idea - Provo is the hub of Brigham Young University, which is a private college operated by the LDS Church and home to their largest missionary training center) to explore a potential top surgeon. Some time ago he had called around to various plastic surgeons in Utah asking who would be willing to do top surgery - and this guy said yes.

So he asked me to join him and off we went. After a lot of driving and exiting the room once the surgeon wanted to take breast photos, the experience was a really positive one. The staff were all really careful to use masculine pronouns with him, expressed support, asked how he preferred to spell his name for their records, etc. We were both impressed - up until the price. Almost $8,000 dollars! Despite the risk of being this doctor’s first-time FTM patient, that’s about the same rate that Dr. Michael Brownstein charges.

Hopefully the company that Aaron works for will switch his health insurance from a trans-exclusive plan to a trans-inclusive that would be much more likely to cover his surgery.

Moving on - here is the introduction to today’s man task:
Today we’re going to focus on one of those “small” things: our resume. I don’t know everyone’s story out there, but I’m sure many of you are looking for work. And having an updated, sharp looking resume is an essential part of networking like a man.
Workity schmorkity. I’m living the spoiled and plush student working on campus and living with my parents life these days who needs not fret over such things. Bad economy =’s no bueno. Anyway, to make today’s task more me-appropriate, I’m going to replace “resume” with “Curriculum Vitae” (CV). Which, to be honest, I had never heard and had no idea what it was up until a couple of weeks ago - when I was asked to create one for this McNair Scholars Program I’m in. From Wikipedia in a nutshell:
In the United States and Canada, a CV is used in academic circles and medical careers as a “replacement” for a résumé and is far more comprehensive … A CV elaborates on education to a greater degree than a résumé and is expected to include a comprehensive listing of professional history including every term of employment, academic credential, publication, contribution or significant achievement.
Yeah - that counts. Especially since I am required to have one finished for McNair by the end of the summer anyway. How convenient! Thanks, Art of Manliness! Schawing!


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