Whether I have enough whiskage in reality or not just doesn’t matter - when I look at myself in the mirror, my self-image tells me, “Be one with the teenage side burns.” And thus, earlier tonight, for the first time ever, I’ve attempted to “carve” a facial hair style. I shaved my chinny chin and left the fuzzy sides:
My fuzz is currently at 2 weeks of growth and I’m going to give it about 6-8 weeks to really gauge my progress. Fun!

In other news, starting tomorrow morning I’ll be injecting every week instead of every two weeks. I chose to inject every week because it is supposed to minimise the mood swings associated with the ups and down of having a lot of T in my system right after I inject, then not very much 2 weeks later when it’s time for my next shot. This has become a pretty significant issue lately (school, stress, moods!) - so this should help.


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