losingmyfocus-deactivated201110 asked: thanks, mate! definitely helped a LOT. I think I'll try the underworks 997 one for now... seems like the best option for me. One question, though: I've read somewhere in a forum that the sizes of the underworks binders sometimes don't really "match", meaning, they should fit, but are too large/ small. Is that true? (I hope not... :/ )
It’s very true. I think I’ve ordered the correct size once - every other time, I had to send it back for another size. For example, I initially ordered the Underworks Model 997 in XL. It was blatantly way too large. I only wore it once so that I wouldn’t damage it. And even though I was tempted to try to shrink it or some other stupid move, instead I followed the return instructions on their site and asked for a size down: L.

They sent a large in no time. However, when I tried it on for the first time, it felt way too tight. I wasn’t able to put it on like a shirt, and instead had to step into it and lift it up. But just a few weeks later, it was a snug and perfect fit that I could easily put on like a shirt.


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