zeverrat asked: hey man, i might be moving to utah soon. i'm a 16 year old ftm and i'm about pissing my pants worrying what it's like to be trans* in such a conservative state (i'm in MA right now so it couldn't be more different). any advice?
Don’t piss your pants! Utah can be an intimidating, conservative place - but there are a lot of resources here and a huge community, especially in Salt Lake City. Once you move here, I would strongly suggest getting involved with the Utah Pride Center. There is a lot of programming there, like a transgender youth group, TransAction (a trans advocacy group), a trans partners group, a parents-of-trans support group, etc. And also, if you’re here during June, we’ll be having the Utah Pride Festival (our grand marshall this year is Roseanne Barr!) and a transgender march! You’ll be fine. :]


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