Today is my birthday!

… and I celebrated by going to birthday breakfast! I initially planned on going to the Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire, but then grew increasingly anxious about an important paper that’s due tomorrow. So - I postponed it for a day that will work way better! I’ve received the greatest presents ever.

This bag from Jude:

This envelope, sealed with a kiss:

This creepy doll from Shenan that I now call “Dexter’s love monkey” who opens his mouth into a perfect little O and sings when squeezed. It’s a perfect fit. Plus, my pup, Gany, really, reeeeeally wants to gut the voice box out of this little guy:

A gift card to Nordstrom Rack for a new pair of shorts from Jude, who can’t stand the basketball shorts I romp around in daily and has been complaining about them since last summer. But the most important gift of all? The adorable company of and lovins from my friends and family last Thursday and this morning, of course!

Oh, and the best gift? My dad’s post on my Facebook wall:
Still just as cute as the first time I saw your little head pop out 29 years ago. Love, Pops. :)
, who later added:
It was a very strange experience. I always thought I was a rational person. I was certain I would retain complete objectivity when Dexter was born. But, the instant he appeared I was overwhelmed with a sense of euphoria. I knew I had no objectivity at all. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.


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