kdstentzel asked: Hi Dexter! I am a cisgender female social worker. My boss is having me put together a presentation on body modification (everything from coloring hair to gender reassignment surgery) and I want to make sure that we are being sensitive to and not misrepresenting the trans community or trans experience. The presentation is mostly focused on making social workers aware that people modify their bodies in different ways for myriad of reasons, some of which we will briefly explore. I won't be the one to actually present this material (it's all my boss), so I want to give him information about transitioning that is easy to understand and easy for him to present to a diverse audience. Any advice that you could give me would greatly appreciated.
Hello! That is awesome of you to reach out for input on how to make this presentation trans-inclusive. Here are two resources that are really ringing out to me for this:
  • Transgender Basics Video: this is an in-a-nutshell, 20 minute educational film on the concepts of gender and transgender people from the Gender Identity Project.
  • Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace (PDF) - This is a booklet from the Human Rights Campaign made specifically to give HR and other employment professionals an overview of the legal and other issues encompassing transgender inclusion.
The booklet is more extensive than the video, but I’m sure there is a lot of pertinent information in it that could be cut down and presented in bits and pieces. Hope this helps!


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