Hygiene, School, n’ Benefit!

I actually have a 5 o’ clock shadow. I’m not quite sure when it appeared as, out of sheer laziness in the personal hygiene department throughout last semester, I didn’t shave much. But in a spontaneous fit of I’m-shaggy-and-can’t-take-it-anymore!!! hysteria I ran to the barber and forked over $15 to get all hair cut dappered out. At some point the barber inquired, “Are you growing a beard?”, to which I replied, “Not intentionally. I just haven’t shaved.” Taking that as a green flag to buzz my face, next thing I knew my facial hair was gone - and stubble remained. 5 o’ clock shadow stubble! I can’t stop admiring it.

In other news, this “Sex in the Brain” class I’m in is extremely interesting. Especially the part (so far) where we’ve learned about testosterone receptors in the amygdala, the part of the brain related to things like aggression and fear. Anyway, since I’d helped the same professor for this class put together a transgender panel for another class last semester, she asked me to help put together a couple of panels for this class, too (she teaches two different sections of the same class) - one of which I’ll be in any way.

It’ll be interesting, to walk into class on the last day and, instead of taking a seat with the class as I usually do, to sit down in front of the class with the two other panelists.

So tomorrow is the “benefit party” to get the rest of the money I need for my top surgery (scheduled August 11th) which will be at a local club in downtown Salt Lake City called The Metro. I’m excited for it - and also really, really overwhelmed by and grateful for how insanely supportive everyone has been. I’m not listing names because, that’ll just get ridiculous real fast - but thank you to everyone who helped organize this. Everyone who has agreed to perform, my friend who found the venue in the first place, and my friend at The Metro who allowed use of the venue (and booked DJ Lucky Date that night and helped organize!), to everyone who has spent days and hours gathering raffle prizes, helping to promote… and in-advance thanks for my friends who will be helping a bunch during tomorrow night and everyone attending - … just, wow.

You’re all really appreciated. I’m moved beyond words - and also excited to have a good excuse for a really fun dancy dance tranimal party with a bunch of my adorable friends and cute people.

I can’t wait to run amok topless. And to date again. And to go to the gym. And bicycle without binding. And to feel the HUGE self-esteem boost. And, and and.


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