Benefit SUCCESS!

Last night’s benefit for my top surgery was such a SUCCESS. Not just as a fundraiser, but as a super schnazzy fun dancy good time, too! There was a great turn-out right from the 8:30pm get-go of a whole slew of adorable peeps. I yapped so much throughout the night that, now, my voice is a barely audible raspy mess.

Meanwhile, while I spent time socializing, friends set up a really alluring display of raffle prizes and then rotated throughout the night at a table outside to ask for donations and to sell the tickets AND inside walking from person to person. Even some of my more reserved friends stood up to uncomfortably pander for raffle sales.

Dia Diabolique from Slippery Kittens Burlesque came to perform on her only day off, which was so insanely sweet of her. Especially as a single mother. I am beyond flattered and appreciative.

Afterwards, Jesse, the President of TransAction Utah, performed “Tranny Got Pack” from Athens Boys Choir in a little boy scout outfit with his “dancers” holding large, cardboard phallic cut-outs. He was subsequently swooned over by Princess Kennedy.

And then Bo performed. Earlier a group of us had gone into crisis mode searching the club high and low for Bo. “Find Bo!”, Princess Kennedy told me, “Performances start in five minutes!” I checked every nook and cranny of that place - including some obscure back room-around-about-upstairs area, the bathrooms, hallways, every where! Finally, at long last, I found Bo’s co-performer and friend, Renae, and asked, “Have you seen Bo? I can’t find him ANYWHERE!” Suddenly, the blonde girl next to Renae turned around. After a brief cognitive delay, it clicked. That blonde was Bo! In blonde lady disguise! Uh, perfect much? And, of course, her performance along with Renae, Marie, and Dallas was the most transtastic ever.

I had so much fun. So much that my measly grandpa back is all achy today and I feel like hobbling around with a cane. I blame DJ Lucky Date - it was just, impossible not to dance, dance, and dance some more. Oh, and feel hung over, even though I don’t drink. In the end, we raised $91 on Paypal, $939 through the raffle, and $60 more through the sale of VIP tickets! Which brings me to $4,690 of the $5,479 I need by August 11th. Which is excellent, because I can definitely save up the remaining $788 by then.

Thank you to Jeffrey Hacker and The Metro for setting this up, Princess Kennedy for her mic prowess, to all of the performers and everyone who put so much effort into garnering prizes… and to my friends who did the raffle all night at the event (especially Jude and Brenda!), and for everyone who came and bought raffle tickets!!!!! And, of course, to all of the businesses and friends who donated and helped to promote - who, of course, for donating to my fundraiser, deserve kudos and acknowledgement galore:

… just off the top of my head. If I forgot anyone, please let me know! I’ll add more as I recover, eat, and get remnants of my brain back!


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