Bday, Benefit, n’ T

Tonight is my top surgery benefit (slash) birthday party… which, in all honesty, I threw in there after the fact when I realized that, “Hey, my birthday is on May 15th… and my benefit is on the 12th… why, those are close enough to one another that I could get away with calling this a birthday party, too!”.

Aside from last year when my friend, Jude, threw together a BBQ birthday party for me, this will technically be the first “birthday party” I’ve ever had. I’m generally the type to just go to dinner and a movie with my immediate family and a few friends and keep my bday on the down-low… but when it comes to my strong desire for top surgery? I’ll socialize like there’s no tomorrow! And, in turn, have a whole lot of fun with just, some of the best, most genuinely altruistic people ever.

In other news, earlier today in my Sex in the Brain class we learned a bit about that infamous hormone - testosterone - and its equally infamous correlation with sexual arousal. Of course, it varies among individuals over time… it’s a really dynamic hormone. But, something I didn’t know before: once that level goes too high, the correlation with sexual arousal goes away. Weird.

And I was also surprised to learn how difficult testosterone levels are to measure and how ridiculously broad the “normal range” is … apparently, even in the course of a DAY testosterone goes up and down based on what’s going on environmentally.

For example, if a cisgender dude anticipates having sex that night, testosterone will stay high all day long. I wonder how that relates to transgender men on hormone therapy, since I inject the same amount every two weeks and how that relates to what peaks where and how and when in response to “environmental stimulus”? I’m pretty much rambling nonsensically and thinking out loud here, since I don’t know what I’m talking about - but it’s fun to think about.


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