Vegan Food Truck in Salt Lake City! Mmm!

Since turning my last paper for finals in last Tuesday at 5:59pm (due at 6:00pm) I have been celebrating with a Mass Effect (video game!), staying up late, pajamas, and 21 cans of Coconut Juice in bulk which my adorable parents purchased for me as a finals completion gift. Then last night, some friend took me to Scream 4.

Then the celebratory cherry on top - this morning Erin, Andrew, and I caught wind that Seabirds, an all vegan food truck, is in Salt Lake City today and tomorrow! They are parked from noon-8pm in front of a local coffee shop called the Coffee Garden. This is part of The Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” and in addition to their normal menu they’ll have lots of other great things as well like breakfast burritos and cheesy potatoes. This was their breakfast menu this morning:

I ordered the breakfast quesadilla, which was super delicious to the max. My friends ordered breakfast burritos and the “jerk jack fruit tacos”, which had an incredibly interesting taste. I’d never heard of jack fruit before, but it has this chicken-like texture, but with a sweet aftertaste. Mmm!

Fun. And then back to school May 2nd. I am taking an interesting neuroscience class called “Sex in the Brain” which, “Explores brain-based biological influences on gender and sexuality. Content will reflect current findings from psychology and the neurosciences. Topics covered will include similarities and differences between male and female brains, intersexed conditions, sexual attraction, and other issues pertinent to gender and sexuality. Applies to the Neurosciences/Experimental area of concentration.” - ooo! Spot on!


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