Last month I received a phone call from my friend, Princess Kennedy, to which she inquired how I would feel about, "... performing in an LGBT film festival fundraiser spin-off of Xanadu, called Tranadu: A Musical on Ice - but without the ice?”, to which I replied, “Xana-what?”, and she sent me some Xanadu videos.

Apparently I’ll be limp-syncing the part of an 80’s singer from a band called “The Tubes”, starting with, “Lover I want to let you know I won’t take a back seat..”. Uh. This is so out of my element. Fortunate for me, I will not have to dance and will be surrounded by burlesque dancers. This will help.

And earlier tonight Kennedy gave me a lip-syncing tip. “If you forget the lyrics, just lip-sync watermelonpeanutbutter repeatedly and no one can tell.”


This event will be heaps upon heaps of tranimaltasticness - so much so for Utah that some heads might just explode. In a good, fun way, of course.



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