Binder Crisis

Over these past couple of years I have been through a binder or two, and, while all of them are uncomfortable awful acid-reflux-inducing pain-in-the-lower-backs, eventually I stumbled across the Underwork's Double Front Compression Shirt (Model 997) and have since become ridiculously fond of it.

Ever since I started wearing it last June I have literally worn it every day since. Even though it's comfortable in comparison to the other binders I have, if worn for longer than 6 hours it will start to cause acid reflux and my shoulders/upper-back start to really ache. After longer than 10 hours, I will literally start to feel sick - so I started to wear it in classes and then, while wearing a baggy jacket, will switch to the T-Kingdom M801 for a chest break'ish.

This system has been a flawless one - up until Monday morning, when I couldn't find the 997 binder for the life of me. Dun dun dun! Now that I hate my other two binders (which are just ridiculous awful and there's no way I'd even try to wear one of them longer than 4 hours. I'm most likely going to donate them to a local trans dude who they may work for & fit better or to the Big Brothers Used Binder Program), I opted to just go to school to the loose-binding M801 and to just strategically wear my jacket all day to hide my chest.

But it's been so awkward uncomfortable. And finally, tonight, I couldn't take it anymore. I searched my closet thoroughly. Nothing. Searched my hamper, my room, my drawers, the laundry room, under Evilbunny, under the dog, the bathroom, the front room - still, no favorite dependent-on binder. My cute mom was roped into it and helped ruffle through clothing and piles of stuff n' things. As she searched, she shouted out from the front room, "I can't wait for your top surgery so that you don't have to deal with this anymore!"

Awww! Seriously, though... how adorable is it that I have a mom who I can whine about misplacing my favorite binder to and who will a.) help me hunt for it, and b.) yell about how she can't wait for my upcoming top surgery from the other room?

Love it. Anyway, low and behold, I had accidentally left it at my friend Erin's house when I spent the night Saturday and he sent me a text saying, "Its here!". I had suspected I'd left it there and was worried that he'd mistaken it for one of his - which, given how many people don't have binders in the world is an interesting bind to potentially be in. Get it? Bind? Ha... ah, er... anyway, I'm getting it tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited.

I am, however, with my mom on this. I-cannot-wait-for-top-surgery.


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