WHACK, right in the ovaries

After seeing my blog post about Antony and the Johnsons with their beautiful Hope There's Someone video, my friend Andrew exposed me to heaps upon piles atop a mountain of additional Antony and the Johnsons stuff - which keyed me in to another song of theirs called 'For Today I Am A Boy', which is just as good.

So last night I, as per diligent old man student usual, went to bed at 10pm for my classes this morning. But, then I woke up around 3am from a discomfort I'd felt before and confused me the first time around, on December 21st. But now, Round 2, I knew exactly what it was - menstrual cramps.

These new post-hormone therapy cramps are similar to what I'd experienced before; but different enough that I couldn't quite peg it initially. Unlike before, these are not distinctly painful, just, really uncomfortable. I have to pee repeatedly. I can't sleep. It's obnoxious. At the least, this is becoming predictable. It hasn't happened since December, but both times it happened within the few days before injection day. So last night when I woke up the first time I took some ibuprofen. When that didn't make a noticeable difference 30 minutes later, I took an additional amount (not exceeding the maximum allowed dosage). That helped enough that I was able to fall asleep again but, around 4:30am, I woke up again from the discomfort. So I cracked, went to the bathroom, got out my needles, hormones, an alcohol wipe and a bandage and did my injection. And, within about 10 minutes, complete relief and I nodded back to sleep.

But, another consistency I've noticed - after both cramping episodes and then after my injection, I've felt a pain that feels an awful like this appears:

WHACK, right in the ovaries - but a more minor variant. And in this exact general area, too: left side where I suspect my ovaries are located. It's like a throbbing, bruise-like sensation. It's not unbearable, just noticeable and has happened both times now on the injection day after the cramping occurs.

I can't wait to figure something out in regards to health insurance while I'm a student and unable to work full-time somewhere for benefits. I'd love to at least have things like this looked at to have an idea of what's going on. I'm in debt as it is from the non-insured doctor visits I've had so far, so I'm going to pursue my options more aggressively next week and figure out what is the least trans-exclusive and, hopefully, affordable.


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