The date is set: August 11th!

I have the rest of my Spring semester, May term, and McNair summer research up until August - and then Fall classes begin August 25th. This date is ideal! This should and will (hopefully) be enough time to save up and garner enough donations (which I'm so super uber grateful for).

I was also given a 10% discount, which brings the grand total down to $5,479!

I'm so excited. I can't stop obsessing about this date and fantasizing about life once it's done. I'll elaborate more in a later post, but I just wanted to make this quick and brief blog post to spill my mass amount of inexplicable excitement all over the interwebs. I can't contain it!

Wooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On an unrelated note, why is this one of the top two Google image results for "top surgery"?


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