New Years!

I celebrated New Years Eve this year by relaxing indoors with friends. I stuffed my face with fried vegan chick'n and mashed potatoes while watching 1,000 Ways To Die marathon on Spike TV. I took the bus down to my friend Jude's place to spend it with her and her girlfriend, Shannon, and her roommate, Shannon. No driving or bicycling on New Years. No way.

The dinner and marathon concept dawned on me the year before last while I was at a more traditional New Years Eve party where I opted to slide off to the bathroom at 11:55 and lock myself in at midnight. While sitting there with a headache creeping on, I decided right then and there, "Next year, I'm staying in."

The fact that I got sick afterwards sealed the deal. And this year the roads are all plastered in ice. The local news reported the morning after that there were a slew of accidents and that three people died in three separate crashes just hours apart. So yeah, the drunkest night of the year + ice ='s stay in with Jude, Shannon, and Shannon watching the 1,000 Ways To Die marathon while eating delicious food near a warm fire in cozy blankets.

Once Shannon and Shannon dozed off pre-midnight, Jude and I held in there with the movie Body Double, which includes a scene in it thanks to Frankie Goes to Hollywood that very well might be my childhood root. I was obsessed with this scene. Not as obsessed as I was with Willow, Tales From The Crypt or Evil Dead 2, but pretty up there:

At the time I didn't quite realize why this scene was so mesmerizing and wondrous. It just was. Just like the 80s - the era of gaytastic House music, androgyny and progress with queer rights until the discovery of AIDS and the Christian Right using that tragedy as a homophobic campaign tactic to condemn homosexuals for it.

I hope everyone had a fun n' great New Years!

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  1. I love 1,000 Ways to Die! I haven't seen it in ages. My favorite is probably the one where these two teenage guys beside to take drinking straws, stick them up their noses, and snort fire ants. Some people...

    Happy New Years Dex!


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