"My Princess Boy"

Five-year-old Dyson Kilodavis is a little boy who loves sparkly things: princess gowns, hot pink socks, glittery jewelry:

This interview is impressive. I love how Dyson's dad says, "It's not contagious. He's just like any other kid. Plays checkers, plays in the trees...he just likes to do it in a dress. Big deal."

Whoa. The concept of supporting their child's glittery princess happiness, irrelevant to what social convention says? Interesting - society felt the same way about girls who wore pants back in the day. And now social convention has changed.

It's so brave of this family to challenge modern social convention in the face of so much pressure for little Dyson to feel ashamed of what makes him happy and being his genuine self. I also love what his mom says in the above interview on MSNBC:

... in 2010, in light of all of this bullying and things that have happened and the unthinkable outcomes of children taking their lives just for being different this is our chance to say 2011 is going to be about the year of acceptance. We're going to turn this around... and sooner or later my hope is that the world will embrace the uniqueness that is really within all of us.

So adorable, just letting their cute kid be himself and explore his own preferences and happiness. Aww!

Richard Metzger also interviewed the boy's mom, dad, and older brother, where he says:

This child, I think it's clear, is going to be who and what he'll be. But unlike many kids like him, he's not going to grow up thinking there is anything wrong with who he is. This kid is FABULOUS and nothing less! With all of the gay bullying, suicides and the general anti-gay bigotry going on in rightwing circles, Cheryl, Dean and their older song Dkobe, deserve admiration and gratitude from the rest of us, for being such an amazing, wise examples for other people in their situation, with their loving parenting of their "Princess Boy."

Spot on, Metzger.


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