The Old, The Wise, and The Cranky

My cat, Evilbunny, is 84 years old in kitty years now. What the? That's 17 in human years! Madness. He just keeps going and going and going and... I think all of the cuddles I've been giving him throughout the years (since I was 11) are keeping him alive and sufficiently plump. Or so I say.

Here is a photo taken yesterday of our usual nightly sleeping arrangement. Since I had to get up to acquire my camera and take the photo, I doodled in where I sleep and the position I arrange myself in, like a puzzle piece, to fit:


  1. Wow! Is Evilbunny the black and white one that you have your arm around? (I love that you drew yourself in by the way!) If so, that is freaky because my cat, Motorhead, is the same age and she is also black and white. I hope she still has a few years in her...I'm spending the next 7 months far from home and she's living with chosen family in the meantime. I miss her terribly. But it is amazing how long some of them can stick around, eh? I hope you get to spend a few more years cuddling your cat, and many more with the rest of your companions : )

  2. Evilbunny is indeed that tuxedo ball of blubber. Motorhead sounds like his doppelganger! The good one, of course, with an equally mature and refined name. ;]

  3. this is so ridiculously cute! we have two cats, one of whom - Cheyenne - is about Evilbunny's size. However, when she sleeps with me, she positions herself somewhere in the middle of the bed (and frequently between my knees), thus trapping me and making it impossible to move. nevertheless, i love that furry little toad. besides, she always looks so freaking adorable that i just don't have the heart to move her. :-P

  4. Ash: Oh no, not the knee trap! There's no escape from that one!


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