Transgender Awareness Month: Oh Boi in IN Magazine

In the spirit of Transgender Awareness Month, an article about trans dudes - myself included - in IN Magazine by the most goygeous of them all, Princess Kennedy:

Princess Kennedy talks "Original Plumbing" with Amos Mac in IN Magazine
I invited a good friend of mine, Dexter Thomas -- you might remember Dexter from my last months Zombie tutorial -- to fill me in on what he was going through on this mental and emotional journey.

Thomas started taking hormones about two years ago, technically beginning the transition. Standing about 6' tall, blonde and incredibly handsome, I see him out and think "who's the hot new guy?!" With my exceptionally large and male-dominated family, I'm no stranger to the effects of puberty, so it was fascinating to see and hear what he was going through..
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The blonde thing confused me seeing as, ya know, I'm not blonde. Then it dawned on me that when Kennedy and I initially met, I was doing the blonde thing. So nevermind.


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