Photo Documentation: Almost 2 Years!

Almost 2 Years on Testosterone Cypionate (0.7 mL every 2 weeks)
(Click on images for larger so-detailed-it-hurts versions)

Stomach (hair growth + fat redistribution):

Gettin' fuzzy!

Fuzzy progress indeed!

Facial Hair/Acne/Facial Masculinizing:

I grew my sparse whiskers out as much as I could muster before cracking to shave 10 minutes later.

Side profile shot of whisker action.

Whisker Action Take 2.

Whisker Action Take 3.

Shaving time at long last!

Arm (upper body development):

Haven't done one of these in a minute.

Hugging Snapshots!

Better-late-than-never birthday lunch with Brit.

Farm pup my fam and I took in temporarily during the Herriman Fires. He was so cute n' good!

Very Essential Dog Shots 2 Boot

Gany's one-night-car-hat.

Fancy car hat blowing in the wind.

~ FIN ~


  1. I was hoping for pictures of your hairy ass, but alas, I guess those are on another site.

  2. I'll hop on one of those office scanners stat!

  3. absolute worst photo of me possible. your arm muscles look amazing. :) loves.

  4. Britni: The photo being taken in the first place was your fault!


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