One year ago Halloween day I had promised my good friend Ralph that I would be the Batman to his Robin.

And not just any Batman.

1960s Adam West Batman.

Looks simple enough. One year to muster up a grey leotard of some sort, little shiny blue undies, some gloves, boots, and whip a fancy matching cowl together. Assuming the simplest, I procrastinated. Not too much, though. About 6 months ago I started actually looking for a pre-made costume - or at least something resembling it enough that I could work with it.

I found a lot of Dark Knight crap. A lot of padded muscle suits. Crap, crap, and more crap. So then I turned to eBay. Here are some examples of what I found:

Men's Batman Costume

Uh, no, no, and ... no.

I then concluded that I probably couldn't successfully modify a pre-made suit and, even though sewing is probably #3 in What-I'm-Worst-At ranking, I should enlist the aid of a sew-talented friend and figure out how to make this thing from scratch.

Step one? I found this 1966 Batman Forum and joined it. Fans of Adam West would definitely be the best source for how to make an authentic-appearing Adam West Batman costume!

Low and behold, not surprisingly, not only was this the best source to find "authentic-appearing" costumes but really, really authentic. To the point that I got completely enamored with how, exactly, his cowl was made and learning that there are fans making replica costumes for $1000+.

Long story short, by the time Halloween rolled around and due to a combination of no money, costume-making obstacles, and lack of time due to school, I didn't end up with an Adam West Batman costume. So, in an act of complete and utter defeat, I decided to be a banana to my friend Erin's gorilla.

The gorilla had suffered from furry costume heat stroke earlier in the evening and, therefore, was not pictured in the background of this photo.

And, to spite me, my friend Ralph dressed as a banana dressed as Batman.

Next year!

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