First Openly Transgender U.S. Trial Judge!

Judicial elections don't usually gain a lot of notice, but one such race in California has drawn national attention as it prepares to place the country's first openly transgender judge on the bench.

Victoria Kolakowski nearly did not become a lawyer after the Louisiana State Bar Association rejected her application.

"I was initially denied because they said I was not of a sound mind," she said. The association made the claim because she listed herself as a transsexual. She ultimately had to appeal the decision to the Louisiana Supreme Court before she was allowed to even take the bar exam.

After passing she moved to California to practice law and has been a private lawyer, as well as a corporate attorney.

OAKLAND, Calif. — A 49-year-old California patent lawyer has been elected as the nation's first openly transgender trial judge.

Alameda County elections officials say Victoria Kolakowski beat prosecutor John Creighton 51 to 48 percent – a margin of nearly 10,000 votes – in the Nov. 2 election to fill the vacancy in California's Superior Court. Read more >


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